"What I like most...

Faye was the first Props/Set Dresser to ever win an Obie Award!
— 2004 Obie Award for Props, "Bug"

“What I like most about doing Props & Set Decoration is enhancing the vision. I enjoy collaborating to find that perfect prop or that little something extra that makes the set dressing seem real and natural. 

I push the ideas thrown at me and make sure they work on all levels, visually and script wise.  It’s easy enough to get a “shopper,” but to get a Prop Master and Set Decorator who thinks outside the box and knows how to get everything done — that’s when success happens. 

I have major experience in the New York area since 1995. My team and I welcome your project.” 
- Faye










Being at the Obies — and winning one! 

Going undercover to find real crack pipes for BUG. 

Finding the perfect couches for FUN HOME.

Crying daily while watching the horses in WARHORSE. 

Gluing dead roaches onto a wall for NIGHTMARE HAUNTED HOUSE. 

Being a part of the “Dream Design” meetings at the O’Neill Theatre Center. 

Working with & learning from so many talented, Award-Winning people daily.

A Prop Supervisor/Set Dresser on Broadway acquires: furniture, hand props, special effects, blood, weaponry, food, rugs, curtains, artwork, dressing room items, green room furniture, vespas and anything the actors touch.

If you think of it like this—- if you have a living room - the set would be the walls, the floor, the door — but the props would be everything in that living room (couch, tv, chairs, rug, pictures, etc.)
— Faye