“OSLO” on Broadway Set Nominated for Best Set!!  Wins Best Play 2017!

I loved my time with the "Oslo" family.  This play began off broadway, downstairs at Lincoln Center Theater in the Mitzi Newhouse Theater.  From the onset this ensemble was so warm and friendly.  The writing is superb and the Set designed by Michael Yeargan is brilliant.  

As I was doing the Props & Set Dressing for this play, I realized that this design and the writing really dictated a very minimalistic approach.  How to have set dressing - not get in the way of any of the words?  How to make the items not really jump out - as the audience is trying to keep around 40 characters straight in their minds?  It was such a great collaboration and I congratulate the team of so many 2017 Tony Nominations and Wins!!!

How do I make this furniture glide without wheels across floor boards that eat up my pads?!
— Faye